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PBS "The Good Stuff" (14 mins)

This is from our interview in October 2015 "The Good Stuff" with PBS. It goes over:


-the problems with traveling to other exoplanets 

-the warp drive engine

-the laboratory

-Robert Goddard, Rocket Engineer

-General Relativity

-Miguel Alcubierre, Theoretical Physicist

-Energy required

-the Warp Field

-NASA and Harold “Sonny” White

-Bruce Gernon, Pilot

-Physics behind the Warp Field

-Future of Science

David Pares, New Breakthroughs in Warp Dynamics, UFOs, and More,11-16-2016 (2 hrs)
SADTV Season 1 Episode 7: "Space Warp" (30 mins)

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, David Pares discusses his amazing UFO sighting at age 16 and how it made him pursue the question of how he saw the craft operate, that led to ongoing breakthroughs in the theory of Warp Drive and Bubbles.

This is from our interview in Fall 2016 on "Spooky Action at a Distance". Topics Covered:

-What is Space Warp?
-The Eddington Experiment
-Space Warp Metric
-Gravity vs Space Warp
-Timing Problem / Frame Dragging
-Star Trek, September 8th, 1960
-Natural Space Warp Bubbles
-Replication and Production of Artificial Fields 
-Properties of the Space Warp Bubble
-Project Goals and Progress