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Space Warp Dynamics

The goal of SPACE WARP DYNAMICS, LLC. is to fundamentally transform terrestrial and space travel. This will help to establish and to facilitate a space based economy in the future.


SPACE WARP DYNAMICS, LLC., is a startup company that is in the process of prototyping an innovtive Space Warp Drive Motor. The results from the laboratory experiments have demonstrated the existence of artificially induced micro space warp. This product will revolutionize terrestrial and space transportation. 


SPACE WARP DYNAMICS, LLC, is a very young company; however we are on the verge of influencing the blossoming of the commercializing of space.  We definitely want to be a part of a fledgling U.S. Space based economy. This is truly the new frontier. Our new Warp Drive Motors can make space travel more affordable and reduce the time necessary to go from point A to B. Trips to the interior planets and the Moon would be achieved in minutes and seconds.  This is the future for the United States a new space based industry an endless economy an expansion that will provide the Earth the necessary raw materials to further the development and prosperity of a high tech society. Just imagine for one minute a new space based industrial revolution, where more engineers, scientists and highly skilled worker would be needed to support this initiative. Think of the economic benefits and revenue that would be gleaned for everyone and the spin off businesses that would be created.




The Team

-Professor David P. Pares, an Adjunct Professor of the University of Nebraska at Omaha

-Jim McVey, Chief Electrical Engineer

-Christophe Massin, Software Engineer&Aircraft Systems Designer

-Keene Tiedemann, Flight Control Systems Engineer and Test Pilot

-Kyle Finley, IT Systems Engineering & Flight controls

-Chris Eckman, Physicst

-Steve Snodgrass, Communications and Technical Support

-James Chinn, Public Relations.

-Laura Wegrzyn, Graphics Artist